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Pony Locale is a fully certified Pilates, Kinesiology and Massage Therapy Studio, specializing in high performance training, restoration and rehabilitation. The emphasis and philosophy are on functional movement and strength based on sound mechanics and a clear understanding of how the body works and moves.


Owners Michael Luke and Sarah Joy Stoker have over twenty years of experience working in the fields of physical training, movement and rehabilitation, and are two of the most respected and sought after movement educators in St. John’s. Along with their staff of highly trained and experienced Kinesiologists, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates instructors and Registered Massage Therapists, Pony Locale offers an exceptionally effective range and breadth of knowledge and expertise.


The studio offers:

  • Private and semi private training/conditioning sessions,

  • Group Reformer classes,

  • Dynamic Pilates and Core Conditioning classes for multiple levels,

  • Restorative classes designed for people with chronic pain, injury and or low bone density conditions including Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Also available are Neuro classes designed for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Stroke and brain injury, along with other pathologies or conditions.


Centrally located at 120 Lemarchant Rd, Pony Locale is an incredibly bright, naturally lit studio with 2400 square feet of open training space, including an open Group Class studio, a private/semi-private Equipment studio, a Group Reformer room and a Massage Therapy room.


Pony Locale promotes movement with assurance, freedom and power.


Open 7 days a week. Free parking.


Owned and operated by Sarah Joy Stoker and Michael Luke.


Visit Us

120 Lemarchant Rd (west wing, second floor – free parking)




tel:           709.237.7487

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