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Editor, Sales, Communications… and Joy Seeker 






Marketing and Communications


I have extensive experience here and abroad, directing and executing marketing communications across a multitude of industries, regions and budgets.  London, Dubai, Toronto and St. John's – for over 20 years I have had the most amazing career working on both the agency and client side.  From multi-million dollar programs and sales strategies, to partnership plans and social marketing causes – my unrelenting focus is to find the best solution, all of the time.


With a focused approach to client relations, I look forward to developing new partnerships where my business acumen, diverse background and personalized commitment to service, will deliver meaningful outcomes.


Please visit

Designer, Web Developer…and Life-long Learner

With over 25 years in the the creative design industry, I have produced literally thousands of pieces of promotional materials.


If you required my services for any of your marketing materials, please email with a description of your requirements, and I will get back to you discuss your project with you.


Design Services 




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