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Editor, Sales, Communications… and Joy Seeker 

I have been most fortunate to have had the most exciting marketing career that spans 20 years, covers a wide range of industry sectors and crosses national and international markets (Dubai, London, Toronto, Ottawa, St. John’s). I​n 2010, I made a very conscious decision to leave my career in Dubai, and return to St. John’s to be closer to my family and to live in this most amazing place. And most recently, I left a full time senior position with a leading regional advertising agency, to avail of opportunities that stir a ‘fire in my belly’.  The Wellness Guide is one such opportunity.  


My deeper curiosity to understand, learn and share information pertaining to natural health… holistic health… and complimentary medicine is the derivative of two main factors. Firstly, our younger sister Kathleen (Mercer) is a Naturopathic Doctor and I have been fortunate to be following her life’s work since she was a student in Toronto over 15 years ago. Albeit a yin to my yang, our innate passion is for living a purpose filled life of good health, love, laughter and joy. Secondly, in 2012, my life took an unexpected twist - with a diagnosis of melanoma (stage 3B). This forced me to explore a deeper understanding of my health, my healing and my life. 


I look forward to growing the conversation and ultimately playing whatever role I can to increase wellness and wellbeing to a wider community.” 




The new team at the Wellness Guide is a partnership of two sisters - Sandy Mercer and Arlene Mercer Peddigrew who bring with them over 25 years of marketing and communications expertise infused with personal experiences in integrated health and natural medicine (their younger sister is Dr. Kathleen Mercer – a Naturopathic Doctor in St. John’s).  Without compromising professionalism, quality, and attention to detail... they are drawn to finding joy in working with people and projects of meaning and value.  And this was a significant factor when the opportunity presented itself to assume ownership of the Wellness Guide.  

Designer, Web Developer…and Life-long Learner

“For over 25 years I have been creating and producing visual solutions for the communication needs of clients. This has now grown into digital design and development, integrating online and interactive extensions to print channels. I am excited to use this experience in advancing the Wellness Guide website, annual print publication and the wellness community’s individual design needs.  


Someone once said to me in passing ‘life evolves’. While not realizing it at the time, that two-word comment has since had significant meaning in my life. Its sentiment of hope, optimism, courage, and strength has empowered me to embrace lifes challenges with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the silver lining of personal growth along the way.


When approached by Sandy to partner on this new venture – I didn’t hesitate for a second. The opportunity to do what I love to further e​volve this platform of wellness, and ignite an even greater movement towards wellbeing – is something I am passionate about.


Through my own life experiences I have had the opportunity to benefit from a number of holistic and complimentary health care offerings."

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