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Call for Articles/Content   (Advertisers only)





We are always looking for original content and feature articles for both the Wellness Guide website and the monthly newsletter. Advertisers and Directory members can submit an article idea to for consideration.  This is an excellent opportunity for our audience to get to understand you, your experience and your area of speciality just a little bit more.


As a professional source, what you have to say brings significant meaning. Our aim is to highlight original articles at least every 4 weeks while maintaining older content in a secondary location on the website. Informative and topical content can be as creative and broad based as we can imagine - assuming we provide subjects around health and wellness. 


Articles are distributed through our newsletter, which will link directly back to  This provides dual exposure to your area of expertise.


Your company name, your name and credentials, will be listed with the article.  


Please view some of our published Health and Wellness Articles for example content type.


*We do not guarantee publishing submitted articles and/or content features. Submissions MUST BE original content. 



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