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          "The moment you change your perception,
         is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of
     your body."   

                 Dr. Bruce Lipton

My Negative Emotions Do What?

Phyllis Reardon, M.Ed.

More and more individuals and medical professionals are coming to understand and acknowledge the role of human emotions in both being the catalyst for disease creation and the impetus to healing.


Emotional health is absolutely essential to our physical health and healing. We all know just how important proper lifestyle and diet are to maintaining our health but we often overlook the powerful influence of emotional health and its connection to our body.


This is not a new concept especially in Eastern medicine but has in recent years begun to surface in our Western world and comes in the form of energy healing techniques.


By our very nature we have all experienced bodily reactions to emotions be they positive or negative. I think we have all had the experience of having to stand up and speak in front of a group of people be that 3 or 3000 and feeling a physical sensation that may range from a pounding heart to sweaty palms to a dry mouth. This is your physical reaction to a negative emotion. Albeit you may only have to do this once or twice in your life but if public speaking is a means to your income then this fear can becoming severely limiting.  Negative fears not only limit our personal success but they negatively impact our body and mind.


Love & Fear


There are two basic emotions in life, Love and Fear. Love will keep you moving forward and lead you to success. Fear on the other hand will hold you back and will present as a single negative emotion or a combination of negative emotions. Many times we have long held fears that have been with us since very early in life, fears that we know logically are false but subconsciously they present as real.


The Subconscious Mind


The subconscious mind dictates 95% of our actions in life and work, in other words on a daily basis you get to choose only 5% of your actions, that’s scary. The subconscious mind creates the filter through which we see all of our reality. The subconscious mind is programmed by every thought and belief you have had since you were born based on your life experiences/events. This is great news if you have programmed your subconscious with all positive emotions but for the majority of us we have a combination of both positive and negative emotions and depending on early life experiences there may be more negatives. It is these negative emotions that hold us back. It is these long held negative emotions that cause us fear-based emotions such as anxiety and stress, emotions that negatively impact the physical body.

Releasing Unwanted Negative Emotions Through Emotional Freedom Technique


Several years ago I was introduced to an energy technique in a way that drastically changed my personal life. I was hooked. I thought if this cleared my long held fears then I want to master this and use with my clients. As a professional counsellor and life coach I began my training in Florida in this energy psychology technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I knew the power of EFT at that time from a personal perspective and now daily I get to experience the changes my clients make in their lives through EFT.


You may have heard of EFT as Tapping as it gets this name from the process used, that of tapping on meridian points on the upper part of your body. It is a combination of acupressure and mental-emotional focus techniques that address the mind-body connection to release negative emotions and replace them with supportive, healing emotions. This powerful tool which is based on ancient wisdom brings about both deep and lasting cognitive shifts and perception changes in clients’ lives.


Among the negative emotions/behaviors that I see my clients release are:


  • Anxiety, Stress

  • Traumas

  • PTSD

  • Anger, Resentment, Guilt and Shame

  • Procrastination

  • Cravings

  • Physical Pain

  • Fear and Phobias


You can do this too. Your quality of life depends on it. Change your perceptions, change your life. Release your negative emotions and watch what happens.












Phyllis Reardon M.Ed is a certified advanced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and can be reached at  or 709.771.8277.

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