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Sandy Mercer

  1. Get to know your neighbourhood and take a stroll down your street, and around the block.  And hey – maybe you’ll even meet a neighbour and together you can venture into the next block.  It’s all about getting out and moving, and if you can catch up on the latest news with each other – then all the better. 

  2. Walk Signal Hill or any part of it.  It’s a hill people….which means you actually are getting some great exercise.  Personally, I like walking down through the Battery and up through the trail’s hellish sets of stairs to the top.  It’s definitely a heart beater – but you can go at your own pace and enjoy the view all the way.  In the winter you can park at the GeoCentre and walk the roadway up to the top.  It sometimes beats those days you can’t drag your butt to the gym….it’s quick and easy….. and the best part (besides the down hill) – is the view from the top!

  3. Start a walking tea club.  Once a week (at least) have a scheduled teatime, rotating host houses.  The point is you all must walk to the host house for the tea; or better still, you all agree to go for an hour walk and then head back to the host house for tea!  What’s great about my walking tea club – is it forces me to not only walk, but to also drink more green tea (my Naturopath will be happy!).

  4. If you live in St. John’s and it’s winter – head to the Loop in Bannerman Park and go skating!!  It’s fun, it’s a short loop…. And it’s very social!  Or create your own skating ‘loop’ – if it’s winter in NL….there’s a good chance there’s a pond or lake close to home with safe ice for skating!  Bundle up, bring some hot chocolate and a buddy or two – and voila – it’s a party on the ice!

  5. Find some steps and get stepping.  It’s uncomplicated... and it’s that easy. Find some steps and get going.  Personally I find the stairs next to the courthouse is St. John’s to be long enough and wide enough for me. 


This list is just the beginning…..we’re looking to grow our ideas for local and fun things to do.  Please visit and share some of your ideas. 

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