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Dominique Hurley
Intuitive artist and lightworker

Feeling Disconnected?
Re-Connect Through Guided Visualization Meditation

Are you running on empty? Then it’s time to get off the hamster wheel. You know it’s not going anywhere.

That’s what happened to me after four years in my dream job.


I was 25 years old and crying on Sunday nights because it didn’t feel right anymore. I felt stuck and had no idea what to do.


That’s what life is like when you’re not living in alignment with your Higher Self.


That’s what happens when you’re not connected to Guidance – no matter if you call that intuition, the Universe, God, your Angels, or Guiding Spirits.


There’s good news. When you ignite your intuition, you create that spark that lights up your life.


So I ask:  "Are you ready to add meaning, purpose, and passion to your life?"


My Ignite Your Intuition Formula and its 5 Steps to Re-connect to your True Self and Light Up Your Life can help.  


Here, I'll demonstrate how one tool supports you as you practice that formula: Guided Visualization Meditations.


Living One Inspired Step At A Time


Living an inspired life takes practice. Intuition is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it.


I’ve been living this way for decades. I’ve learned to trust my intuition with no regrets.


There’s no way I could’ve imagined how all the pieces would fit together one day. But they have. And I’m not done yet.


My intuition has led me to working and studying on 3 continents and across Canada.


I'll be turning 50 this year, but I'm just starting out as a full-time intuitive artist and lightworker after decades of doing it part time, along with careers in recreation, education, and arts administration. It's been amazing!


To tell the truth, I resist change. I’m not a natural risk-taker. But when I’m strongly guided, nothing stops me.


I feel the fear and do it anyway. I keep accepting the invitations to grow by aligning my life with my soul.


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