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by Rev. Tarra Bennett
     Healing from Within

The power of thought, it can and does heal you. Your thoughts can hurt you, make you sick or heal you. Mind is the only cause. Your body, and its state of health, is the effect of thoughts and beliefs that come out of the mind. A healthy body mirrors thoughts of wellness while a sick body mirrors thoughts of illness.

Your body speaks in physical condition what your mouth is not saying with words. Through bodily expression, we give ourselves the message that we need to hear, and we communicate to others the message that we want them to hear. If instead we were to communicate directly and take the action prompted by our inner guidance we wouldn’t need the body to express what our soul is calling us to speak or do.


An example: a client did not want his wife to have another child, but he didn’t share his feelings with his wife. Instead, he put off having sex, became stressed, and developed a constant backache. Once he was able to speak his truth his backache went away.

Here are some additional examples of possible causes and effects that show how underlying thoughts can lead to an illness:

  • Upper backache: believing that you are not supported emotionally.

  • Middle backache: believing that you are guilty; making yourself wrong for something you did or didn’t do.

  • Lower backache: believing that you are unsupported financially.

  • Headache:  thoughts of not being able to control a situation.

  • Arthritis: repressed anger.

  • Ulcer: stress - created by thoughts of helplessness or powerlessness. 

Your thoughts often suggest someone or something “out there” has cast your trouble upon you and your ailment is the cross you bear as a consequence. The source of your difficulty might be perceived as a person, a company, an institution, a neighbor, the world, or even God.
First, recognize that no person, group, situation, or condition has the power to take away your power if you keep your inner light shining.  


Second, to reverse the pain or illness is to replace the projection of your powerlessness with the projection of your power through love and kindness. Third is gratitude, see the gift in all situations. When a shift has taken place with a situation and/or your health has improved, thank yourself, thank those who helped heal you along the way, and thank God for guiding you to those people, places, and things.

You don’t need to be sick and/or stay sick, depressed, poor, dumped, lonely, or hurt. These conditions are the result of interpretations that you lay over events. When you accept 100% of the responsibility for the choices you have made, you gain 100% of the power to make new and better choices. You can point the power of your thoughts in a new direction and bring healing and life where you once saw illness and death.

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