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Looking ahead to
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Yes, it is still summer and I am all about living in the present and not overlooking today by over planning for tomorrow.  However, we can take some time to reflect on some ideas to best handle the change of season from Summer to Fall.  It is a back to school energy which often dictates a new year type of energy.  New year energy is a good time to make change for the better and start new healthy habits.

End of Summer and start of Fall are harvest times.  This is a good time to stock up on fresh herbs, berries, fruits and veggies for the winter.  You can dry, freeze, can, preserve all the local and hopefully organic produce available to you.


Herbs like dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, red clover, rose petals, rose hip and mint can all be dried and used for teas.


Dandelion roots can be dug up in the fall and cut and dried for dandelion root tea.  Berries can be frozen or canned. Think about homemade preserves, pesto’s and salsas.


It is also a good time to start to prepare your supplement cabinet for the fall and winter.  If we start our winter supplements around thanksgiving, this will help to prevent winter viruses and keeps our mood and energy up during the darker and colder months.  I recommend that most families take a base of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, a fish oil and something green (liquid chlorophyll, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass.). 


I recommend that the medicine cabinet have some things there in case of acute upper respiratory infections.  The first sign of sore throat or stuffy nose, you can start taking things like oregano oil, goldenseal, or antiviral tinctures.  So plan ahead and have some of these in your home already.



For energy and mood support as the days get longer, consider using fish oil combinations that are aimed at supporting the nervous system.  I also recommend Vitamin B Complexes. If seasonal affective disorder is expected, using 5HTP can often help it.  


It is important at this time to not let weather dictate how much we exercise.  In the summer it is easier to get out to hike, walk, bike and run.  This is the time to start planning ahead about creative ways that you can maintain a reliable 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily.  This can be achieved by buying better outdoor gear, buying a gym membership, joining fitness classes, or clearing a space in your home for exercise.


Let's hope this summer stretches out and we get many more weeks of sun and warm weather to enjoy.


Stay present and soak it all up.  Feel the sun on your face, breath in the fresh air, walk barefoot in the grass and sand, star gaze at night.  And every once in a while, maybe on a rainy day, plan ahead for the season to come.


Kathleen Mercer is a Licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She can be reached at 

t.   709.722.4232                        w.

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