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April Miller is innately drawn to things being organized.  Even as a young child, she was aware of the calming effect of organized space.  Early on, she realized that committing time to organization resulted in freedom from wasted time searching for things and freedom from negative emotions that often correlate with ‘stuff’.  But before realizing there could be a career as a professional organizer, April was a full time English teacher (among dabbling in other jobs).  And although she loved teaching and working with people – what she enjoyed the most in everything she did – was organizing.  


One day, she googled ‘professional organizer’ and to her pleasant surprise found there was a whole world of organizers out there!  When she finally took the plunge to pursue organizing, she knew it was the right fit.


April is a Trained Professional Organizer with Professional Organizers in Canada, and a certified life coach.  She has received a Chronic Disorganization (CD) Specialist Certificate, a Hoarding Specialist Certificate, as well as Certificates of Study in Life Transitions, Time Management & Productivity, Chronic Disorganization, Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client, Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client, Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges, Understanding the Needs of the Aging CD Client, and CD Client Administration from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).


The real value of getting organized runs much deeper than a tidy space; getting organized means reducing stress and feeling more content at home, and in our lives.  When we deal with the stuff cluttering our spaces, we end up dealing with the ‘stuff’ cluttering our heads – the hurt, the fears, the insecurities.  Once clutter is conquered, it empowers you to work on other parts of your life and make room for possibility.




t.    709.730.6046





St. John’s, NL

April Miller, B.A., B. Ed.
Trained Professional Organizer


April is currently pursuing studies in ADD, and aging through ICD, as well as graduate studies in Counselling Psychology.

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