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DMW Coaching

Dana Warren, NPI Life Coach



  • one-on-one sessions,

  • customized workshops,

  • speaking engagements.


If you want to change any aspect of your life - personal, professional, or other - coaching might just be your route to success.   DMW will help you shift gears and design a new direction to move you beyond feeling stuck or uncertain.  Through a process of discovery, a personalized road map will give you the means to make changes, measure your progress and move you forward.  With refreshed determination and accountability to prepare for whatever your future holds, Dana will deepen your focus to unearth what you’re truly seeking – and create the action plan to go after it!


Dana’s process is based on individual needs.  The sessions can be over the phone, Skype, email, or face-to-face –in your own environment or at DMW.  Dana will push you outside your comfort zone, but in a manner that provokes using the following techniques:

  • Examine that feeling of being 'stuck' and what might be the root cause

  • Designing action plans and calendars with a different twist that serves you.

  • Developing your ability to say yes and no, without guilt.

  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress and help you focus in the moment

  • Brainstorming strategies for goals and action, using the risk and value model


Instinctively curious about how people view themselves and their lives, Dana’s direct and honest approach helps people shift gears, focus on their issues, make decisions, and get to the next level.


Individual sessions available in packages of 5 or 10.  100% personalized and confidential.

Workplace seminars are also available.




t.     709.727.4359



Dana completed her training as a coach through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the winter of 2011. The course uses neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. That translates into knowledge of habits, behaviours, models of motivation and accountability, efficiencies and the use of simple, effective tools for transformation.


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